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Strategic Marketing Plus

Transformation is happening

InsurTech and digitization of insurance is now entering the productivity phase. We are helping clients answer the simple, key question:

Where do you go from here?


Firsthand start-up expertise that has resulted in development of cash flow positive companies, including one D2C life insurance company in Taiwan and a recent significant multi-billion dollar exit by an InsurTech company.


Complete knowledge of all aspects of the (re) insurance value chain, various distribution, media and channel alternatives across all lines of business.

Global Expertise

Proven track record by serving in leadership positions for 4 Fortune 500 companies across all continents. Also, a nationally licensed P&C broker.


As the author of the blog The Savvy Strategist, we provide provenly successful strategy techniques to help accelerate profitable growth.


“What a world of difference a difference makes in business.”
-This a quote from Bill’s Blog post entitled:“Doubling Down on Differentiation”.


To us, success is based upon performance using mutually agreed upon key performance metrics (“KPIs”). Examples of recent successes will be presented under a mutual NDA.